Benefits of Using a Psych Billing Service

The benefits of using our psych medical billing service include:

1. More time to Focus on Patient Care – separate the clinical aspect from the financial aspect of the practice

2. Reduces Billing Errors – reduce the number of denied and rejected claims as claims are accurately submitted in a timely fashion.  Receive feedback to assist in maximizing reimbursements on future claims

3. Saves Money – save on employees’ salaries, benefits, and training; office supplies and furniture; and purchasing, upgrading, and maintaining billing software and computer equipment.

4. Improves Cash Flow – No more fluctuations in cash flow due to continuous, steady flow of claims going out and cash coming in; lifeblood of the practice.

5. Improves Patient Satisfaction – Courteous and professional assistance for patients’ billing questions or issues.

6. Ensures Billing Compliance – We keep you updated on the latest changes in regulations and requirements in order to maintain compliance.

7. Increases Revenue – Maintain the competetive advantage with the reduction in overhead costs and increased reimbursements